Honda CB400X Review

Honda CB400X_3

Good news to our dearest riders, we introduce to you Honda CB400X – the most advanced, feature-filled motorcycle with revolutionary power for utmost road touring experience. On our actual test we found out these highlights:

The look.

Apart from its high end design, CB400X front side is given a windshield to cover the digital panel indicator with orange-based colour. Under the odometer, trip meter, etc the fuel consumption stats is also shown. It has a large fuel tank that holds 17 litres of gasoline, giving you the longest touring experience in the city.

The experience.

The soft front suspension certainly makes sitting more relaxed along with the easy grip from the handlebar height and width that’s typically made by turing.

With a weight of 427 pounds in its class of heavy touring motorcycles, CB400X is fairly average. Doing zigzag manoeuvre slowly is still comfortable and it’s flexible enough to do turns while on the road.

Honda CB400X_2

Overall Impression.

At first glance, the red CB400X is similar to Honda CS1 because of its wing shape which covers the radiator. Compared to its siblings CB400 and CBR400R, the CB400X is indeed different due to its longer front suspension with a 5.5 inches distance.

From its external design up to the 2 cylinder inline engines , Honda CB400X power and features sets it apart from its group.

Honda CB400X Accessories

Honda CB400X already looks its best but you can always apply your own styling methods to make it unique and eye catching. Yes, you need to experiment, you need to accessorise it!

You can choose from a qualitative range of accessories suitable for your motorbike. There are many colours, designs and options to try and we can help you define the accessories tailored to meet your needs. Most bikers/riders choose bar clamp set, fluid tank cap, engine guard set, oil filler cap, calliper brake guard, handlebar, wheel axle and a whole lot more.

Drop by Speedzone today to check out the Honda CB400X price or the range of CB400X accessories available in store to enhance the striking look of your CB400X.  We also offer CB400X bike servicing packages to meet all your servicing needs!

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