Suzuki DRZ400SM Servicing: Fork Servicing

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Just like the engine, the suspension on your bike has many metal parts moving over one another. In the long run, this leads to the contamination of the oil and a reduction in lubrication, causing wear and tear. Similar to engine oils, suspensions oils break down over time, resulting in a loss of lubrication properties. The oil is used as a medium for damping. As such, old and worn out oil will further change the suspension action and prevent the suspension from working to its fullest potential.

There is more to servicing suspension than simply changing the oil. A thorough fork servicing includes dismantling the forks or shock, cleaning and inspecting bushes, seals, bumpers, bleed circuits and valving for fatigued, broken or misaligned shims. Spring preloads are also checked, the correct viscosity oil is selected and set to the appropriate level, shocks are vacuum bleed, re-gassed and all clickers reset.

An important aspect of maintaining your bike’s suspension forks is keeping the fork well lubricated by ensuring there is lubrication inside the fork, and that the lubricant isn’t contaminated by dirt from the outside. We would highly recommend servicing your suspension forks at least once a year.

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