The Ultimate Grom Servicing Project (Part 1)

We’ll be honest with you – we were thrilled when we received this customer’s request to service and accessorise his Honda MSX125. Without any budget constraints, the mechanics at Speedzone were free to recommend the best and top of the line bike accessories for this Grom. The end result? Meet the ultimate Grom servicing project.

Honda MSX125 Servicing_5Honda MSX125 Servicing_6Honda MSX125 Servicing_3Honda MSX125 Servicing_8
We selected a Bikers’ handle bar in titanium to complement the bold red of the Grom. We also installed Brembo brakes and clutch pump. The cable clutch was converted to hydraulic, ensuring a better and lighter feel. The best part is that it’s maintenance-free. Bikers engine guard was installed to protect the Grom’s engine from scratches or damage should it drop.

Honda MSX125 Servicing_10
The stock tyres were changed to Pirelli Diablo to improve grip and performance. A bi-compound rear tyre which combines lasting mileage and excellent grip, the tyre’s contact patch is optimised for wet behaviour. The addition of BST carbon rims not only makes the bike lighter, reduces the unsprung weight, which increases the Grom’s overall performance and throttle response. Not only does the G craft swing arm enhance the Grom’s aesthetics, it is also much lighter and stronger. Brembo rear brakes were also installed.

Honda MSX125 Servicing_7Honda MSX125 Servicing_2Honda MSX125 Servicing_9Honda MSX125 Servicing_11
It’s not just about the aesthetics, the Grom’s performance was also enhanced through the addition of the Ohlins suspension and Yoshimura exhaust. The Ohlins suspension improved the handling, damping and overall suspension, providing the rider with a plush riding experience. The latest addition to the Grom came in the form of a Yoshimura exhaust in a beautiful shade of titanium blue, which is much lighter than the stock exhaust.

We are far from done with this Grom. Watch out for part 2 of our ultimate Grom servicing project! In the meantime, check out our full range of motorbike accessories available. Alternatively, you can drop by Speedzone to find out more about our bike servicing packages and accessories suitable for Honda MSX125!

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