KTM EXC 200 Servicing: FMF Titanium II and Gnarly Pipe

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Built with titanium end-caps and an inlet pipe enclosed in an anodised-aluminium canister, the FMF Titanium II is a premiere racing silencer, capable of delivering the power characteristics demanded by top riders. One of the lightest silencers FMF has ever made, it maximises both low and mid-range power.

Designed specially to withstand off-road abuse, the thick carbon steel shell of the Gnarly is able to withstand hits and crashes far better than any other two-stroke pipe available on the market. FMF has further moved the power lower, resulting in an enhanced initial roll-on, which is perfect for tight and uneven terrain. With the Gnarly, the bike’s power pulses are changed; expect a dramatic bottom to mid torque increase, making it a good pipe of choice for brutal off-road riding.

We further fitted the bike with KTM PowerParts. An indispensable companion for serious offroad use, the wide and spacious design of the KTM PowerParts aluminium handguards provide excellent mobility and maximum protection against impact. The KTM PowerParts aluminium radiator protection is newly developed and made from high-strength aluminium. It further provides maximum protection for minimum possible weight.

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