New Bike to Watch: 2016 Yamaha MT-03

The latest addition to Yamaha’s repertoire of 2A bikes is the new 2016 Yamaha MT-03, a compact and easily accessible bike featuring a steel tubing trellis frame, which harnesses a 321cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine. Your first step into everyday motorcycling or simply a transition to something lighter and simpler with greater horsepower? Right here.

The engine pulls cleanly from as low as 3,000rpm in a manner that makes the bike feel unthreatening to inexperienced riders. But when the MT-03 is put to the test, it provides enough power for lively acceleration. Weighing only 168kg, its lightness combined with its fairly low seat makes it a very manageable bike for new riders.

Despite its compact size, the MT-03 doesn’t feel cramped for average-height riders, making it a practical bike for everyday use. With an informative digital instrument, it incorporates a fuel-consumption reading that shows the efficient engine averaging well over 50mpg.

Similar to the Yamaha YZF-R3, which uses the identical compact and lightweight frame, twin cylinder 321cc engine, rear ABS-enabled brakes as well as suspension, the biggest difference between these two models is the MT’s riding position. Being a street-fighting naked bike, the MT-03 has a more naturally upright and “active” riding position. Its slim design and low seat height makes it ideal for the shorter, newer or less confident rider. Coupled with the bike’s light weight, it provides an easy manoeuvrability at low speeds or when parking or turning the bike around.

2016 Yamaha MT-03_5The MT-03 has certainly been designed with commuting or shorter journeys in mind as it performs perfectly in urban areas where there are more opportunities with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to put at least one foot down. The fuel tank has been sculpted to allow the rider’s knees and thighs sufficient space to grip, making it handy when shifting weight around for cornering.

Exemplifying the spirit that has made Yamaha one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, the MT-03 is definitely one of the most significant developments in motorcycling in recent years.

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