The Perfect Touring Bike: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

Yamaha’s new MT-09 Tracer is proof that you don’t need a 240kg motorcycle to go touring. The sports touring edition of the naked Yamaha MT-09, the Tracer is only slightly heavier than a middleweight given its size.

Designed as a sports-tourer, the Tracer has a more comfortable and roomy rider and pillion seating position, achieved through its taller, wider and firmer seat, as well as taller and wider handlebars. The riding position feels natural, upright and is a only short reach to the bars. With an outstanding wind protection, the fairing’s coverage is increased by hand-guards, which divert most breeze from the bars. The screen can be further adjusted to enhance the riding experience.

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer ABS

The handling is excellent as well. The Tracer’s suspension’s spring and damping rates are increased, in part to accommodate the additional 20kg weight, though at 210kg it is considered light for a sports-tourer. The damping levels seem better chosen, giving a well controlled feel. The Tracer has plenty of braking power, thanks to twin front discs with radial four-piston calipers, plus an efficient ABS system.


With a one-touch master switch and ignition, the Tracer has three engine modes to choose from; Standard, A or B. Standard is in the middle while ‘B’ is the most gentle, with the ‘A’ mode being sharper and more direct. There’s the added benefit of being able to alter the modes while on the go by just closing the throttle once you’ve tapped the mode switch on the right-side handlebar.


All in all, the Tracer is a comfortable machine, helped both by the long-travel suspension and by the well-padded and roomy seat, which can be adjusted for height. Shorter riders will find that putting the seat in its lower position helps make the Tracer manoeuvrable for a sports-tourer, and there’s an accessory kit to lower it further. Pillion riders will definitely appreciate the room and solid grab-handles on the sides.


Despite looking aggressive with its sharply styled fairing, the Tracer is designed as an all-rounder, with practical features including an adjustable screen, hand-guards, larger fuel tank, height-adjustable seat and centre-stand.

In case you were wondering, ‘MT’ stands for ‘Master of Torque’ according to Yamaha’s marketing team and the Tracer’s family DNA cannot be mistaken because it certainly has an abundance of torque on offer.

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