New Bike to Watch: Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha YZF R3

A sport-oriented bike, the newly released Yamaha YZF R3 shares the same mass-forward silhouette and race-style tail section as the R6. Its twin cat-eye headlights further lends it its sporty look. Weighing in at just 368 pounds, the R3 is definitely one of the lightest bike in its class.

Ergonomics are always important to riders, and it’s clear that Yamaha spent a considerable amount of time making the R3 comfortable and accessible, while still retaining its sporty outlook. A flat and narrow seat, just 30.7 inches off the ground allows beginners and shorter riders to confidently get their feet on the ground. The roomy cockpit also allows for moving around without feeling cramped.

Yamaha YZF R3


Yamaha YZF R3

Moving to the bike performance – The R3’s suspension handled the rough roads well, soaking up bumps with minimal deflection and returning the front wheel to the road quickly and in control. The only times it felt undersprung and unnerved was on very high speeds or aggressive pace. Yet, the R3 will follow your lead on corners as long as you don’t force it too much. Mid-corner stability is good, and the bike finishes off turns nicely.

The only gripe about the R3 is that it lacks the stiffness associated with more serious sportbikes. However Yamaha’s new chassis and suspension are definitely much more capable than most other under-500cc sportbikes. Only at very high aggression levels would the Yamaha start to protest, and even then the signals were easy to sense before you got in deep trouble.

The R3 is a good mix of power and torque, but yet surprisingly affordable for a bike in the Class 2A category. It is definitely a good choice for riders who are looking to switch their ride up to something more powerful without busting a hole in their pockets.

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