Adiva AD300 Highlights

Built to provide optimum performance while ensuring safety, Adiva AD300 is among the best scooters offering highest level of protection achieved by leveraging Adiva’s finest technology. It is an ideal commuter, urban cruiser and especially suitable for most riders. Stability, Security and User-Friendly are the terms that best describes the AD300. Aside from its superior weather protection it feels so secured and rides smoothly on tough road surfaces like pebbles and manholes which are typically found in the big cities. Its strong chassis, two front wheels and decent suspension ensures agile cornering and better handling. Powered by 299cc Single cylinder 4 stroke Kymco motor SK60 engine mated with a fuel injection system, the AD300 delivers just the right amount of power and torque for enjoyable urban ride with excellent fuel efficiency. It features a patented modular protection system that includes the foldable roof system and large windshield. Other notable features of this is scooter are cushioned seat, large storage capacity that can accommodate two full-face helmets and an easy-to-read digital multi-LCD dashboard. Braking power is also controllable and adequate for city rides. Whether you are looking for a rider-friendly commuter or a scooter that can withstand all types of weather, Adiva AD300 is perfectly engineered to suit your needs. From its modest engine to comfort and safety features, kudos to Adiva for such a great innovation.

Adiva AD300 Technical Details


Engine Type: Single cylinder 4 stroke Kymco motor SK60
Displacement: 299 cc
Bore x Stroke: 72.7 x 72 mm
Maximum power: 21,9kw @ 7750 rpm
Max torque: 30.1 Nm at 6250 rpm
Starter: Electric
Transmission: CVT with automatic clutch


Front Brakes: Double disc 220 mm
Rear Brakes: 240 mm disc
Front Tires: 130/60 x 13″
Rear Tires: 150/70 x 13″ tubeless
Wheelbase: 1,560 mm
Seat Height: 700 mm
Dry Weight: 202 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.2 liters (reserve 2 lt)

Adiva AD300 Review

We can say that Adiva AD300 is truly from a unique line of scooter aside from the ultimate weather protection it offers, comfortability is felt on the seat, narrow handlebar, spacious footboards. Riding position is pleasant and luckily did not experienced body cramps. Riding it for the first time, we can’t complain about its reliable engine. The electric starter also makes it convenient for us. In the city, cornering is smooth but there is a feeling that we might fall. Is this only us, or most of the riders? Nevertheless, the three wheels kept us reassured. We like the isolation from the foldable roof and the large windshield, this is perfect when the weather is hot or during the rain. Wind protection is excellent and even got our hands covered. The wiper and washer spray are awesome too! Around town, the AD300 delivered smooth acceleration and superior grip. Squeezing out in a congested area is manageable with its unmatched agility despite of its weight. With its good road support, we easily get used to slow maneuvering. The braking department also did a great job in keeping us safe throughout the ride. Installed features we love includes the parking brake located in the center of the handlebar, two large pockets on the scooter’s apron, and USB ports under seat. Having a passenger on-board is surely as comfortable as the solo ride. The Adiva AD300 is not just a typical motorcycle you can see somewhere, it is a state-of-the-art machine built to impress and ensure rider’s comfort. It’s easy to control, ride very well and could be a beginner’s best friend.

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