Adiva AR3 Highlights

The Adiva AR3 is a three-wheeler scooter like no other offering unmatched stability, a specially integrated roof and mounted racks. Whether you wish to have one for postal and delivery services or perhaps wishing a transport vehicle for a weekend cycling activity, this machine is made strong enough to accommodate a large rear trunk box or mountain bikes. It’s truly versatility at its finest! Powered by the reliable 171.2cc SYM water-cooled engine, the AR3 has sufficient power and smooth acceleration. It has uniquely designed suspension, rigid chassis and superb braking power that aids for a seamless ride even with full loads. Fitting a rack to a car was cumbersome but with this three-wheeler scooter, two bicycles can be carried at the same time without difficulty. AR3 is carefully engineered to meet rider needs, it is equipped with performance-tuned components that ensures safe and comfortable operation. It features adjustable mounting brackets and strap ons to ensure loads are firm in place. Thanks to its tough tires and a sturdy frame, carrying a lot of cargo is now made easier with this user-friendly buddy. Adiva AR3 does not only look remarkable but also perform extraordinary. Its strength and capabilities are peerless!

Adiva AR3 Technical Details


Engine Type:Water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder
Displacement:172.2 cc
Bore x Stroke:61mm x 58.6mm
Maximum Power:15.5ps / 8,000rpm
Maximum Torque:1.56kg-m / 6,600rpm
Transmission:CVT stepless speed, belt drive


Front Suspension:Vertical sleeve front fork
Rear Suspension:Double cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
Front Brakes:Single disc with dual piston brake calipers
Rear Brakes:Single disc with single piston brake calipers
Front Tires:120/70-14
Rear Tires:120/70-12

Adiva AR3 Review

Awesome Test Ride with Adiva AR3 200

Adiva AR3 200 AD3 is a modern and unique version of tricycles, aside from the tall windscreen and a roof, it can carry a baggage with ease. It has a single tire on the front and two on the rear that works together for excellent stability. We tried it with two sacks of corns secured by a rope attached on a rear mount. The saddle is comfortable, handlebar is easy to reach and the foot-board space is just enough. Suspension is strong and closely similar to a car maybe that’s the reason why transitioning from left to right and vice versa requires more effort plus with baggage on board. Steering is flexible and the bikes handled a ride around town very well. Going through tight corners, we reduced our speed plus a large push to ensure smooth operation. Its weight and center of gravity setting aim to boost the impact at high speed ride performance. The AR3 does not work exceptionally on turns nonetheless its sense of balance, protection and comfort are among its solid features. Its reliable engine has ample power and stronger acceleration even when carrying 70 lbs on the rear. Brakes are always on queue and ready to respond when needed. At the end of the ride, we successfully delivered the sack of corns. Do you you need a bike for day to day delivery work? Or just looking for a simple commute to school service? Rest assured Adiva AR3 will serve its purpose to the fullest.

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