Aprilia ETX150 Highlights

Aprilia ETX 150 is among the Learner Approved Motorcycles Scheme (LAMS) bikes developed with enduro-type styling ideal for daily street commuting and weekend terrain adventure. Do not belittle its displacement capacity, because it can take your riding experience to the next level. It is capable of running smoothly on rough pavements, tarmac, gravel road and other tougher road conditions. ETX 150 is powered by 149cc air-cooled engine generates just the right amount of power and torque ideal for surviving a ride on the back road, climbing hills, and crossing rock-filled streams. It might be a small growler but has the ability to tackle on and off-roads with ease and control making it highly suitable for beginners rather than experienced riders. Enduro styling is achieved by duckbill front mudguard, knobby tires, brush guards on the handlebars, plush seat, sleek body, rich paint finish, low-profile windscreen, wide mirrors and the mean look from the visor and headlight. Seating position is comfortable for shorter commuting to the city but it may cause discomfort after a long-distance ride. However with the 18 litre capacity of the enduro-sized tank, it is hard to resist a long-range adventure. Braking is supported by the front disc and rear drum brakes. Chassis is sturdy enough to handle rides on the terrain yet deliver optimum performance on the road. Aprilia ETX 150 is more than an off-road basher and street commuter because it’s small, lightweight, rider-friendly, and the cheapest LAMS enduro bike available in the market today.

Aprilia ETX 150 Technical Details


Engine Type:Air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke
Bore x Stroke:62 mm x 49.5 mm
Fuel System:KEIHN 22mm carburettor
Lubrication:Dry Sump
Clutch:Multiplate wet clutch


Front Suspension:Upside down 35 mm hydraulic forks
Rear Suspension:2 hydraulic shock absorbers with separate canisters, adjustable spring preload
Front Brakes:Ø260 mm daisy design disc with two piston caliper
Rear Brakes:104mm drum
Front Tires:3.00-17 45P
Rear Tires:3.50-17 54P
Seat Height:1340mm
Fuel Tank Capacity:18 litres

Aprilia ETX 150 Review

It’s Economical.

EXT 150 is not only offered with the best market value but as well with the 18 litre fuel tank. It has claimed a 50 km per litre which is definitely good given that this bike is built for adventure riding. Even a sportsbike does not contain such a huge fuel capacity so it is really the edge of this small enduro bike.

Truth about its speed.

Many riders claimed a 127kmph maximum speed for the Aprilia EXT 150 but after testing it for a long ride in the terrain, we found it hard to reach. The 100kmph is achievable but the most comfortable speed for the bike is at 90kmph. Its little engine starts well and rides smoothly and has sufficient power to ensure optimum on and off road performance. Additionally, adventure riding does not require high speed especially when tackling hills and running on rocky roads.


The 149cc air-cooled engine is modest and reliable, without excessive power to control but it still deliver the best adventure of its kind. The knobby tires perform well on providing a stable ride while contributing to its handling characteristic. Chassis and suspension are designed to withstand extreme action, crossing the streams and rough terrain is not a problem. Braking is also useful when rushing down the hill or dashing in the streets.

Final Verdict.

For beginners who are looking for their first adventure motorcycle, the Aprilia EXT 150 is among the ideal choices. From its easy to use features, modest engine and low seat height, this bike is the best LAMS machine without needing to say its economical price.

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