Honda CB125E GLH125 Highlights

Honda CB125E GLH125 is powered by a reliable air-cooled single-cylinder carburettor engine 125 cm3. It has capacity of 10 horsepower with plenty of energy and torque to squeeze for ultimate riding performance. Its fuel tank can accommodate 13.5 Liters of gas but no need to worry about long trips because the bike is fuel economy. Five-speed transmission and manual clutch aid for smooth rides while its front and rear brakes gives unbreakable stopping power. CB125E GLH125 is an electric starter which is standard in its class. The bike also has 5-spoke wheels do not only give soft feeling while riding, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Riding position is comfortable with the bikes raised handlebars and low seat that gives good road visibility. A passenger can also join the ride. Compact, lightweight and manageable, Honda CB125E GLH125 is perfect for everyday ride-to-work commuting; navigating around town and it can even handle city traffics. It is ideal for both beginners and skilled riders who are looking for elegant style modern motorcycle. The looks, quality, performance, comfort and ease of use – all make it a convenient road bike. In addition to that, it is also relatively cheap and requires low maintenance cost.

Honda CB1000R Technical Details


Engine Type: 4 -stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled
Bore And Stroke: 52.4×57.8 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Power: PGM-FI Fuel injection with automatic enrichment circuit and 36mm throttle bodies
Power: 10 hp at 8000 rev / min
Torque: 11 Nm at 6000 r / min
Transmission: 5 -speed
Fuel Feed: Carburetor 24 mm PN
Starter: Electric


Front Brake: disc, disc size 276x4mm
Rear Brake: Drum
Front Tire: 80/100 18M / C 47PKENDA K291F
Rear Tire: 90/90 18M / C 51PKENDA K328X
Ground Clearance: 178mm
Wheelbase: 1299mm/td>
Seat Height: 764mm
Overall Dimensions (mm): 2048x752x1084
Fuel Capacity: 13.5L

Honda CB125E GLH125 Review

Our Riding Experience.

Honda CB125E GLH125 is definitely a commuter motorcycle that goes around the city hassle-free even during traffic jams. The bike is nimble and runs fairly on town and we even hit 105 km/h during the test ride. The machine tends to show minimal vibrations when we reached 90km/h but it is not annoying, it can still go for an action. Vibration can be removed by configuration and its depending on the rider. CB125E GLH125 is comfortable to ride thanks to its fairly low seat height that set us to an upright riding position. When going to corners, the bike performed very well despite of its non-adjustable rear shock and front forks. Nevertheless, Honda CB125E serves its purpose by being a commuter machine with enough power for city rides and low fuel consumption. However its fuel economy feature depends on how it is being used. The bike is relatively light and specifically designed for a commuter thats why it is being compared to a scooter. However, the bike has more power and stability as opposed to a scooter. In our opinion, it is far better than a scooter because of the smooth performance we experienced on the city streets. The front single hydraulic disc and rear drum brakes has superb stopping control under most situations. It does not have a tachometer so we only pay attention to the marked gear on the speedometer to keep a long test ride going. Honda CB125E GLH125 is among the practical street bikes which is ideal for any skill riders.

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