Honda CB300F

The Honda CB300F combines beginner friendly characteristics with optimum performance to offer a fun-to-ride bike that could be any rider’s favorite. Its 286cc liquid-cooled engine delivers just the right amount of power and torque controllable for an exhilarating ride experience. It is light, fuel efficient and compact resulting to nimble steering, unmatched agility and excellent power-to-weight ratio. The counterbalancer keeps the machine running smoothly by reducing the vibrations felt for a more comfortable ride at higher speed range. Despite of its small displacement, the engine’s broad power delivery mated with six-speed transmission is able to produce quick acceleration for enjoyable urban navigation. Highway, city streets, canyon roads, and around town – all can be handled by CB300F. It is equipped with sturdy and balanced chassis along with an excellent suspension to ensure stable and plush ride on various road conditions. Curb weight of only 348 pounds its maneuverability is no surprised. Upright seating position is made more comfortable with the cushioned seat at low height. Solo and tandem ride is possible too featuring passengers spacious seat, grab rails and footpegs. To give more confidence to the beginners, powerful brakes with strong stopping power are integrated. Honda CB300F attractive and clean design is achieved by the minimal body, naked engine, multi-function digital instrumentation and the combination of black matte and glossy paint finish. This is what you get with CB300F – reasonably affordable yet high performing machine.

The Honda CB300F combines beginner friendly characteristics with optimum performance to offer a fun-to-ride bike that could be any rider’s favorite.

Honda CB300F: Optimum Performance

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Honda CB300F Technical Details


Design liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement 286cc
Bore 76mm
Stroke 63mm
Starting Aid
Transmission Six-speed
Engine Lubrication
Primary Gear Ratio
Secondary Gear Ratio
Cooling System
Ignition System Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Final Drive


Shock Absorber
Suspension Travel Front 37mm fork; 4.65 inches travel
Suspension Travel Rear Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustability; 4.07 inches travel
Brake System Front Single 296mm disc
Brake System Rear Single 220mm disc
Brake Discs - Diameter Front
Brake Discs - Diameter Rear
Steering Head Angle
Wheel Base 54.3 inches
Ground Clearance (Unloaded)
Seat Height (Unloaded) 30.7 inches
Total Fuel Tank Capacity Approx. 3.4 gallons
Weight Without Fuel Approx. 348 pounds. Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride.

Honda CB300F review

We went to test the Honda CB300F with reviews in mind.

The Honda CB300F has unmatched smoothness from engaging the clutch to pulling the brakes and this is what exactly a beginner motorcycle needs to have. The engine’s vibration are effectively reduced by the counterbalancer to nothing ensuring a comfortable ride. Riding on the highway for about half an hour is pure delight, thanks to its decent ergonomics and relaxed upright seating position. Squeeze out the throttle and you are ready to drive past the other vehicles on the open road. Going to the canyon roads, the CB300F felt at home. It is easy to tackle curves and tight lanes due to its advanced suspension. Riding on rough pavements and over big bumps is no challenge to this machine. Commuting to work or school is where the CB300F stands out. Either solo or two-up ride is great because of its passenger ready features. Sneaking out of a heavy traffic and transitioning is a breeze on the street. Beginners can benefit from its upright seating position, less aggressive and comfy enough not to cause cramps after a long hour of riding. On the other hand, experienced riders can enjoy its good mileage, agility and 10,500rpm redline. All in all, Honda CB300F is a motorcycle for beginners who don’t have interest in exploring the track but love to ride a sporty one. Its quality built, good looks and modest power made it perfect for the newbies.

Honda CB300F for sale

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Honda CB300F servicing

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Honda CB300F accessories

Even though the Honda CB300F looks great as it comes, you know you want to tweak the overall look just a little. Step in Speedzone Supply accessories: Check out our collection of accessories for your Honda CB300F from brands like Bikers, Protaper and Delta. Favourite accessories include – fuel cap, fairing guard set, rear set, sprocket cover, engine cover, handlebar, grips, breaks, clutch to name a few. Come dress up your bike with the wide variety of Honda CB300F accessories we have in store and we can also help you install them.

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