Honda CBR1000RR White ABS Highlights

From top to bottom, Honda CBR1000RR White ABS really looks like a championship bike though it was inspired by the Honda MotoGP rider Marc Marquez. Its power roots from a 998cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine with a peak power of 133kW @ 12,250rpm and peak torque of 114Nm @ 10,500rpm. Upgrades made on the CBR1000RR White ABS are: new decent chassis, LCD Dashboard, revolutionary bodywork, and electronic Combined ABS System which ensures improvements on its power, handling and ride performance. CBR1000RR White ABS engineers embraced the Honda’s “Total Control Concept” which means that from the bikes balance, ergonomics, handling and performance to the satisfaction of its rider are met. The improved maximum power and mid-range torque, modified riding position and installation of electronically-controlled Combined Anti-lock Brake System made it one of Honda’s high performing super sport bikes whether on street or on the circuit. The precise and adjustable ABS system delivers a stable ride at any speed even under hard braking. Benefits of Honda Electronic Combined ABS:

  • Reduces throbbing effect on the brake lever
  • System activate quickly when a tire slip is detected
  • Lessens loss of grip
  • Removes the risk of locking a wheel
  • Accurate control of the bike’s speed once brake calipers are activated
  • Brake System ideal for Super Sport Riding Competitions

Honda CBR1000RR White ABS Technical Details


Engine Type: 998cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder
Bore And Stroke: 76mm x 55.1mm
Compression Ratio: 12.3:1
Induction: Programmed Dual Stage Fuel Injection (PGM-DSFI) with 46mm throttle bodies, Denso 12-hole injectors
Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with 3-D mapping
Maximum output (kW/rpm): 133/12,250
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm): 114/10,500
Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Transmission: Close-ratio six-speed
Final Drive: #530 0-ring-sealed chain


Front Suspension: 43mm inverted Big Piston fork with spring preload, rebound and compression damping adjustability; 4.3 inches travel
Rear Suspension: Unit Pro-Link Balance Free Rear shock with spring preload, rebound and compression-damping adjustability; 5.4 inches travel
Front Brake: Dual radial-mounted four-piston calipers with full-floating 320mm discs, Honda Electronic Combined ABS
Rear Brake: Single caliper 220mm disc, Honda Electronic Combined ABS
Front Tire: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear Tire: 190/50ZR-17 radial
Rake: 23.0° 3′ (Caster Angle)
Trail: 96.0mm (3.7 inches)
Wheelbase: 55.5 inches
Seat Height: 32.2 inches
Fuel Capacity: 4.6 gallons
Curb Weight: 467.3 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel€”ready to ride.)

Honda CBR1000RR White ABS Review

What’s Good about Honda CBR1000RR White ABS?

CBR1000RR White ABS excels on its class by being fast, proven stability on approaching corners, soaking the bumps effortless, full mid-range, powerful performance that gives confidence to riders when tackling a race track action. On the road, that compliant suspension is surprisingly manageable over all except on the roughest road surfaces. On the track, you can drag later and power on earlier because it is a compact total package with sturdy and quality components. The electronic ABS system combined with dual radial mounted four-piston calipers 320mm discs and a single caliper 220mm discs are among the most exceptional, user-friendly and safest brakes available for super sports bikes. Rain or shine, street or track, they have the ability to provide excellent stopping power over and over again. Ergonomics are in good progression between total performance and road functionality. You sit comfortably, your wrist are comfortable and the footpegs are positioned very well yet riding the Honda CBR1000RR White ABS all day won’t give you any discomfort and you can still have energy for a next day ride. The motor has ample power and torque, it is more than enough to take you to the real world of super sport. The bike is easy to use, steering is fine, and controlling the ABS is great for safety purpose on higher speed range. No wonder why CBR1000RR has been one of the most favorites of bike racers.

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