Honda CBR650F Highlights

Driven by massive power curve and strong torque, the Honda CBR650F is engineered to offer the best experience that only a light and agile sportsbike can deliver. This sporty roadster runs smoothly on highway curves, mountain passes and canyon road thus making it a well-rounded street bike. The CBR650F power comes from 649cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder engine tuned for ample low-to-mid range torque and wide powerband suited for spirited rides. Smooth and easy gear shifting with more ratios to match wide variety of riding styles. It also have good fuel economy and reduced oil consumption thanks to its performance-tuned engine components. The twin-spar steel diamond frame is made stronger but not much rigid to support everyday operation. Disc brakes provide consistently robust stopping power ensuring safe and confident ride even in the most challenging situations. Its advanced suspension offers matchless comfort and precise steering allowing riders to explore variety of road surfaces. Riding position of CBR650F is a great combination of relaxed and sporty with a spacious seat able to accommodate a passenger on board. It has now a bigger tank that holds 4.5 gallon fuel usable for long distance travel. The clip-on handlebars often seen on supersport bikes are also integrated for a more comfortable ride. The Honda CBR650F aggressive look is characterized by a classy muffler, supersport-style front cowl, LCD dashboard and chiseled fairing. Going on a weekend trip, around town or perhaps on a long haul with a passenger – this is a reliable machine that does it all.

Honda CBR650F Technical Details


Engine Type: Liquid-Cooled Inline Four-Cylinder
Displacement: 649cc
Bore x Stroke: 67mm x 46mm
Compression Ratio: 11.4:1
Induction: PGM-FI Programmed Automatic Enrichment Circuit, with 32mm Throttle Bodies
Ignition: Digital transistorized with electronic advance
Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Transmission: Six-speed
Final Drive: #525 O-ring chain


Front Suspension: 41mm Fork; 4.3 inches travel
Rear Suspension: Single shock with spring-preload adjustability; 5.0 inches travel
Front Brakes: Two-piston calipers with dual 320mm discs
Rear Brakes: Single-caliper 240mm disc
Front Tires: 120/70ZR-17 radial
Rear Tires: 180/55ZR-17 radial
Wheelbase: 57 inches
Seat Height: 31.9 inches
Curb Weight: 461 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel€”ready to ride)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.5 gallons

Honda CBR650F Review

Engine Performance

Cruising at 80mph on the open road, its 649cc liquid-cooled engine arrived at 6,000rpm and this speed kept us going until we reached our first stop. The Honda CBR650F claimed maximum power is 86hp @ 11,000rpm and maximum torque of 46.4 ft.-lbs. @ 8,000rpm which is highly appreciated by sportsbike lover like us. It ran smooth with no vibrations felt even at low to high speeds – it just stay relaxed. Power delivery is consistent and sweet, squeezing the throttle and the bike moved without uncertainty. The transmission is a truly a quickshifter, allowed us to find the most suited gear for the type of roads we went through.

Ride Quality

We did a spirited ride with CBR 650F in a serpentine road and the experience is unforgettable. The bike drags easily which enabled us to do the maximum lean angle on curves – the feeling is nearly similar when riding on a track. The suspension and Dunlop tires did a good job in providing us excellent handling and optimum balance all throughout the ride. Every hard stop comes with great feedback though there is a plenty of bite from the brakes. With the bikes decent ergonomics, tough chassis and easy controls any rider would feel connected to it just like we did.

Comfortable Attributes

The relaxed yet sporty riding position is comfortable with spacious seat, heated grips and properly positioned footpegs. Although we are not able to do a tandem ride, the passenger seat and grab rails seems to offer comfort too. The fairing provided just enough weather protection but not too much. Also there is no cramped legs, fatigued arms and no back aches at all. Mirrors offer ample view, lightings are brilliant and we will be more than happy with a gear indicator on the LCD dashboard.

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