Honda CTX700N

Whether you want to spend a weekend ride to a coffee shop and chill with friends or a relaxed day-to-day commute to work, the Honda CTX700N is the ideal cruiser style motorcycle for you. Great features of this machine include low seat height, comfortable seating position, manageable power and edgy style. At the heart of the CTX700N is a 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that produces loads of low-to-mid-range torque and rider-friendly power delivery for an optimum road performance. Its engine counterbalancer reduce vibrations allowing riders to enjoy every stride with this roadster. Equipped with fuel injection system, the CTX700N is easy to launch on cold days and ensures smooth operation on high elevations. The CTX700N has compact and strongly built chassis that serves as the foundation of the bikes excellent handling. Its suspension eats up city bumps, rough pavements and other road imperfection with ease. Also it received an optional automatic transmission, allowing the bike to shift itself with a single push of a button. Brakes deliver superb stopping power and great feedback. An ABS version of this cruiser is also available that can be useful when riding on tough conditions. Relaxed riding position is characterized by low profile seat, easy to reach footpegs and handlebars. It guarantee comfort for most riders without feeling cramped after a long distance ride. There is an integrated tank top storage compartment able to hold small items and a full LCD easy-to-read dashboard to record your milestone. Without a doubt, the Honda CTX700N is a great choice for urban rides and highway trips.

Whether you want to spend a weekend ride to a coffee shop and chill with friends or a relaxed day-to-day commute to work, the Honda CTX700N is the ideal cruiser style motorcycle for you.

Honda CTX700N: Optimum Road Performance

Honda CTX700N Technical Details


Design Liquid-Cooled Parallel-Twin
Displacement 670cc
Bore 73mm
Stroke 80mm
Starting Aid
Transmission Six-speed
Engine Lubrication
Primary Gear Ratio
Secondary Gear Ratio
Cooling System
Ignition System
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Final Drive Chain


Shock Absorber
Suspension Travel Front 41mm fork, 4.2 inches travel
Suspension Travel Rear Pro-Link single shock, 4.3 inches travel
Brake System Front Single 320mm disc with two-piston caliper
Brake System Rear Single 240mm disc with single-piston caliper
Brake Discs - Diameter Front
Brake Discs - Diameter Rear
Steering Head Angle
Wheel Base 60.2 inches
Ground Clearance (Unloaded)
Seat Height (Unloaded) 28.3 inches
Total Fuel Tank Capacity Approx. 3.17 gallons
Weight Without Fuel Approx.

Honda CTX700N review

We went to test the Honda CTX700N with reviews in mind.

We have invited friends with us to test ride the Honda CTX700N on the open road so we can testify to its greatness. First off, the engine started smoothly thanks to its electronic fuel injection system. On the road, we enjoyed every twist on the throttle with quick response. The engine reached 43hp @ 6,100 rpm and a torque of 41lb.ft @ 4,200. This capacity is more than enough for a delightful cruise in the highway. The CTX700N has excellent low-to-mid range but hits the rev limiter earlier. Riding on the sixth gear, there is no enough power to roll on nevertheless it delivers seamless operation on the highway at the 60mph cruising speed. We ran through the gears more often and fortunately its six-speed transmission shifts smoothly. The clutch lever is easy and light when pulled too. Riding on canyon roads, the CTX700N performed well with predictable power and accuracy through tight turns and corners. Suspension exceptionally absorbed rough pavements with soft feeling at lower speed. It is also expert on tackling twisties encouraging us to lean a little bit. It is also easy to plant both feet on the ground during stoplights. The wide, cushioned and low seat made our entire ride comfortable along with the relaxed seating position. From riding to the first 100 mile and until we hit our destination, we are not cramped by its decent ergonomics. We cannot contained the fun and excitement this Honda CTX700N brings, its cruiser character is exactly what we are looking for – a reliable machine with superior comfort and handling.

Honda CTX700N for sale

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Honda CTX700N servicing

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Honda CTX700N accessories

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