Honda Stateline

With its attractive retro style, reliable engine and massive powerband, Honda Stateline is every riders dream. Going around town, on the highway and streets is relaxed and comfortable with this stretched-out cruising motorcycle. From its sleek body to its sophisticated centerpiece, this cruiser is undeniably a head turner while in action and even when sitting at the parking lot. The Stateline is powered by 1312cc liquid-cooled v-twin engine partnered with dual balancers and single pin crankshaft to deliver impressive power, generous torque and great feel that only a v-twin engine can produce. It is equipped with Programmed Fuel Injection System for convenient startups, strong engine performance and low emissions. A clean, quiet and low maintenance shaft final drive integrated for optimum performance. Engine vibrations are reduced, combustion is more efficient and its power is enhanced, thanks to its well-tuned up components. Honda Stateline wears wide low profile tires that provide good grip and excellent handling. Strong front and rear brakes are also there to ensure safe stops at any speed with optional ABS available for more control and easy operation. Superb riding comfort is given by the ultra-low seat height, pull back handlebars and foot forward mounted pegs that result to a relaxed cruising position. Indeed this machine is exceptionally engineered to satisfy riders who love to cruise freely with a good looking motorcycle.

With its attractive retro style, reliable engine and massive powerband, Honda Stateline is every riders dream. Going around town, on the highway and streets is relaxed and comfortable with this stretched-out cruising motorcycle.

Honda Stateline: Relaxed and Comfortable

Honda Stateline Technical Details


Design liquid-cooled 52° V-twin
Displacement 1312cc
Bore 89.5mm
Stroke 104.3mm
Starting Aid
Transmission Five-speed
Engine Lubrication
Primary Gear Ratio
Secondary Gear Ratio
Cooling System
Ignition System Digital with 3-D mapping, two spark plugs per cylinder
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Final Drive Shaft


Shock Absorber
Suspension Travel Front 41mm fork; 4.0 inches travel
Suspension Travel Rear Single shock; 3.9 inches travel
Brake System Front Single 336mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Brake System Rear 296mm disc with single-piston caliper
Brake Discs - Diameter Front
Brake Discs - Diameter Rear
Steering Head Angle
Wheel Base 1,690mm70.1 inches
Ground Clearance (Unloaded)
Seat Height (Unloaded) 26.7 inches
Total Fuel Tank Capacity Approx. 4.4 gallons
Weight Without Fuel Approx. 672 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride.)

Honda Stateline review

We went to test the Honda Stateline with reviews in mind.

Honda Stateline appears too big and difficult to maneuver despite of its length and weight but is actually not and all of those preconceptions are gone when the action begins. The ergonomics are comfortable from the sculpted soft low seat to footpegs and handlebar position. Its retro style shines on the road and is up to the game regardless if its a street or highway ride. This machine surely gives the best value for the buck considering its good look, rideability and power.

The Stateline quickly comes to life because of its Programmed Fuel Injection System and launching from standstill is very smooth. The dual muffler release deep rumbles as the cruiser rolls on the road. The engine delivers excellent low-to-mid range torque while its peak power arrives early producing low growls in normal riding situations. Clutch effort is light and manageable. Exhaust note during acceleration is ear-catching and even more at idle.

Heading on the highway, the cruiser relaxed riding style and neutral handling are highly appreciated. In twisties, the wide tire feels more planted on the ground while the handlebars require a little more effort when cornering. Going over small bumps is smooth and easy however there might be some wiggles on tough road imperfections. The braking department performs well in providing strong and adequate stopping power. It’s good profile is good in attracting many people on the street. All-day cruising comfort, impressive engine performance and exquisite style is what makes the Honda Stateline unbeatable.

Honda Stateline for sale

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Honda Stateline servicing

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Honda Stateline accessories

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