Honda XR 250 L

Honda XR 250 L is an easy-to-control dirt bike powered by air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 249cc engine that delivers optimum energy and performance on and off the road. The bike had earned its popularity from racers and bike enthusiasts in recent years. Most of these riders primarily ride the bike in urban settings and undoubtedly satisfied with its strength and grace. Models from years are followed by bikers and the new XR 250 L now is geared up with several features and new design resembling a motocross image. The 2015 version includes new front fork for improved handling and riding performance. In addition to that, front and rear fenders are also modified to boost its overall aggressive design. XR 250 is a nimble machine with good ergonomics, comfortable riding position and handling stability. It comes with all black and white schemes except for the model graphics. From its front and rear fenders, seat cover to tank and visor – everything is in black.

Honda XR 250 L is an easy-to-control dirt bike powered by air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder 249cc engine that delivers optimum energy and performance on and off the road.

Honda XR 250 L: Optimum Energy and Performance

Honda XR 250 L Technical Details


Design air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder
Bore 73.0 mm
Stroke 59.5mm
Performance 21kW @ 8000rpm
Starting Aid Self-service
Transmission Constant-mesh, 6-speed return
Engine Lubrication Pressure feed (dry sump)
Primary Gear Ratio
Secondary Gear Ratio
Cooling System
Clutch Wet-type, multi-plate coil spring
Ignition System CDI battery ignition
Compression Ratio 9.3
Final Drive


Shock Absorber
Suspension Travel Front Telescopic
Suspension Travel Rear Swing arm (Pro-Link)
Brake System Front Mechanical drumHydraulic disc
Brake System Rear Mechanical drumHydraulic disc
Brake Discs - Diameter Front
Brake Discs - Diameter Rear
Steering Head Angle
Wheel Base
Ground Clearance (Unloaded)
Seat Height (Unloaded)
Total Fuel Tank Capacity Approx. 9.7 L
Weight Without Fuel Approx. 119 kg

Honda XR 250 L review

We went to test the Honda XR 250 L with reviews in mind.

Honda XR 250 L is an entry level bike able to bring fun and excitement to beginners and off-road bikers. It is geared up with soft-terrain Pirelli MT 32 knobbies which is a great advantage when riding through light bush trails. The bike is setup soft so if the rider’s weight is above 180kg and is serious about riding off road, rigid springs will be in order. The bike loves to run at about 55mph. but we did over 75mph maximum using a mile racer position. Driving 55 mph is comfortable and without any modifications the bike can still get you about 70 MPG. The bike is perfect for riding on terrains and trails, with sure fire handling and adequate power. It is also equipped with easy-to-read digital instrumentation which is a big help for beginners. Stock shock is adjustable and a set of Dunlop tires; the bike is ready for another round. For riders who want to explore off road adventure, changing the stock taillight with smaller one is an excellent idea. We advise dirt bike riders to keep the oil changed and filter clean, configure the valves depending on the riding conditions and Honda XR 250 L will run for more years.

XR 250 L is dirt bike which comes from the excellent line of Honda XR. It is good for its performance and price, however if you want to make it a super-powerful machine you can always look for kits available. We like this bike for adventure riding, gears are manageable and comfortable for the street.

Honda XR 250 L for sale

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Honda XR 250 L servicing

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Honda XR 250 L accessories

To dress up your Honda XR 250 L pocket rocket makes the already bright colours of the bike, pop even more on the roads. There is a wide range of brands and accessories that make the parts you want in compatible colours. Favourite accessories include – fuel cap, rear set, sprocket cover, engine cover, handlebar, grips, breaks, clutch to name a few, especially from Bikers. Come dress up your bike with the wide variety ofHonda XR 250 L accessories we have in store and we can also help you install them.

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