Honda XR 125 L Highlights

Honda XR 125 L is dual sports bike durable enough to withstand road and dirt adventures. It is suitable to beginners and rookie riders because it has excellent ergonomics and user friendly features. This bike is very easy to ride, no complicated maneuvering and braking. Its 124cc single cylinder air cooled engine with one intake valve and one exhaust valve is fuelled by a 22mm carburettor delivers a maximum power of 8.5kW at 8500rpm, proven and tested. XR 125 L also runs an eco-friendly combustion ratio of 9.5:1 compression and squeezes a maximum torque of 10 Nm @ 7 000 rpm. Touch the button and the engine will start automatically, one of the greatest features of Honda Motorcycles. The engine is quiet with minimal vibrations which are mostly disregarded as an issue. In addition, the engine operates at its best, low fuel consumption, long-lasting, show stable performance that aid in extreme fun riding experience. Power delivery is smooth and acceleration is linear though the fifth gear doesnt give enough boost when raising it to the top speed of 100km/h. Honda XR 125 L is perfect for commuting, going around town and weekend off road riding. This is the real purpose of dual sports bike – they can be everywhere.

Honda XR 125 L Technical Details


Engine Type: Air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder
Capacity: 124cc
Bore And Stroke: 56.5 X 49.5 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Induction: 22mm PD-type carburettor
Ignition/Starting: CDI
Max Power: 8.5 kW @ 8 500 rpm
Max Torque: 10 Nm @ 7 000 rpm
Transmission/Drive: 5 Speed/chain


Front Suspension: 31mm Telescopic forks, 180mm wheel travel
Rear Suspension: Monoshock 180mm wheel travel
Front Brake: Single 240mm disc 2 piston caliper
Rear Brake: 110 drum
Front Tire: 90/90-19 tube type
Rear Tire: 110/90-17 tube type
Wheelbase: 1361mm
Seat Height: 825mm
Dry Weight: 115.5 kg

Honda XR 125 L Review

Being a dual sports bike, Honda XR 125 L can be used for street riding and off road trips. We are curious on how good it is so we took it one day for a ride test. XR 125 L is lightweight with only 119kg when dry which is a good attribute to the bike’s agility. Saddle height is low and the bike is relatively small making it perfect for young riders and beginners. Riding position is comfortable suited for any rider’s size with hands spread widely to reach the handlebars. Riding in town, the suspension is soft and the wheels performed pretty well proving that they are made for off road extreme rides. The XR 125 L delivered stability, worry-free and comfort while on the road. Handlebars seem to be wider on traffic congested streets but they didn’t bother us as we enjoyed looking around. Spending few hours off the road is really exciting and fun. The small lightweight bike shows grace and easiness when going on terrains and trails. Ground clearance is also fine, making us more confident in tackling steeps. Throttle response is smooth and braking is progressive giving us good feedback. For those who are looking for lightweight bike that delivers heavy power, Honda XR 125 L is the right pick. Aside from its good performance, it also looks striking with red, white and black colored bodywork.

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