Honda XR 200 R Highlights

Honda XR 200 R is among the exceptional trail bikes proving the real power of air cooled, single cylinder four stroke machine. The SOHC 2-valve engine is not much power but every bit of its horsepower is important for the bikes overall performance on trails. The bike also featured a six-speed gearbox which is perfect for young riders or beginners both men and women. XR 200 R has a slim body, cool dirt bike looks, small and lightweight. Its easy to ride though the drum brakes don’t have the same feel with the modern discs; they still work out just fine. Seat height is at 33.5 inches tall comfortable enough for hours of trail riding adventure. Later models features shock with adjustable pre-loader and comes in attractive graphics. The bike also features a throwback kick start system needs adjustments and after doing so, XR 200 R is among the easy-to-use four stroke machine. The suspension is designed for trail use with good braking system. Its optional to set up lights and racing graphics to modify the bike depending on the rider’s preference. 2002 Honda XR 200 R is available in red color and is relatively cheap without compromising quality.

Honda XR 200 R Technical Details


Engine: Air cooled, single cylinder four stroke
Displacement: 195cc
Bore and stroke: 65.5mm x 57.8mm
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
Valve system: SOHC 2-valve
Carburetion: Single, 24mm
Ignition: CDI
Starting system: Kick
Transmission: Close-ratio, 6-speed
Final drive: Chain


Front suspension: 36mm fork, 208 mm travel
Rear suspension: Pro-Link single shock with adj. preload, 211mm travel
Front tire: 80/100-21
Rear tire: 100/100-17
Front brake: Mechanical drum
Rear brake: Mechanical drum
Seat height: 850mm (33.5 in.)
Wheelbase: 1360 mm (53.5 in.)
Dry weight: 101kg (223 lb)
Fuel capacity: 9.0 liters

Honda XR 200 R Review

Overall Experience in Riding Honda XR 200 R

We spent couple of hours riding Honda XR 200 R into trails, dirt track and hills to see how a four-stroke 2 valve dirt bike performs. The bike immediately starts at one kick thus giving us excitement on unleashing the power it possesses. The bike is strong that’s why we didn’t have problem when climbing up large hills. It has a lot of power and beginners should be wary on squeezing the throttle. The tires are definitely built to withstand rock and also deliver worry free jumping, landing and mudding. We road through the woods, terrains and mud i a speed of 60mph without having difficulties. This bike has the power and speed for all beginners. The suspension is a soft and we wish it could be a little stiffer but its still acceptable for trail rides. Its easy to ride; we shift down to pull a wheelie and soaked up road bumps on dirt track. XR 200 R is also fuel efficient; we didn’t run out of gas after the test riding. Light, reliable and with plenty of grunt, Honda XR 200 R handles pretty well and manageable for ladies and novice riders. Seat height is perfect to most riders. We highly recommend this bike for those who want to explore dirt riding activities because it has the right power and capabilities.

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