Honda XR650L Highlights

Honda XR650L is an all-rounder motorcycle that can satisfy your off-road requirements and supports your daily commuting activities. So whether you love exploring terrains or spending a weekend ride on the city streets, this machine is a good companion. The versatility of XR650L can take you anywhere you want from highway to dirt without needing to change a motorcycle. XR650L is equipped with street legal features like horn, turn signals, license-plate light, mirrors and instrumentation. It is also a passenger ready dual-purpose bike with spacious seat, grab strap and footpegs for two-up rides. Therefore, if you feel like taking a solo dirt ride or commuting with a passenger this versatile bike can deliver incomparable comfort and easiness. Its 644cc air-cooled four-stroke engine generates massive power and torque for extreme dirt actions while ensuring smooth on-the-road performance. It is fuel efficient and only requires very low maintenance. The counterbalancer reduces engine vibrations for a comfortable ride. The push button electric starter makes engine starting easy and convenient even on cold days. The Honda XR650L wears specialized wheels designed to suit on and off road riding conditions. Its tough suspension can withstand bumps, ripples, tarmac, and other rougher surfaces with optimum wheel control while brakes are tuned up to give superior stopping power for a confidence boosting ride. Take the XR650L to the back roads now and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Honda XR650L Technical Details


Engine Type: air-cooled dry-sump single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement: 644cc
Bore x Stroke: 100mm x 82mm
Compression Ratio: 8.3:1
Induction: 42.5mm diaphragm-type CV carburetor
Ignition: Solid-state CD with electronic advance
Valve Train: SOHC; four-valve RFVC
Transmission: Five-speed
Final Drive: #520 O-ring-sealed chain; 15T/45T


Front Suspension: 43mm air-adjustable axle Showa cartridge fork with 16-position compression-damping adjustability; 11.6-inches of travel
Rear Suspension: Pro-Link Showa single-shock with spring-preload, 20-position compression- and 20-position rebound-damping adjustability; 11.0-inches travel
Front Brakes: Single disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brakes: Single disc
Front Tires: 3.00-21
Rear Tires: 4.60-18
Wheelbase: 57.3 inches
Ground Clearance: 13.0 inches
Seat Height: 37.0 inches
Curb Weight: 346 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel€”ready to ride)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.8 gallons, including 0.6-gallon reserve

Honda XR650L Review

Off-road Test with Honda XR650L

Trying out this light and easy-to-use dual purpose for the very first time. From the city going down to the highway and hitting the trail it performed well. It didn’t give us a problem on starting the engine thanks to its electric push button starter. On the open road, the bike feels agile with good handling and comfortable upright seating position. It adsorbed bumps and rough pavements easily. Tackling corners and curves is not very smooth yet works out just fine for us. Braking power is adequate too and highly usable on the highway. Seat height is low however taller riders might experience cramps after a long ride. While the bike can accommodate one passenger we didn’t give it a try on the dirt but it will surely be perfect and fun. The reliability and power of 644cc air-cooled engine of XR650L has been long proven by many enthusiasts since this bike was introduced. It delivers just the right amount of power needed to propel the bike smoothly on various road conditions. Taking it on the trail, The XR650L behaves very well. The tires provide good traction and aids for a stabilized ride. We just love how they are designed to suit on and off-road adventure. The whole day of ride is unforgettable and fulfilling for such a fan of dual-purpose bikes. Fuel efficiency is good but we appreciate if its tank can hold more than 2.8 gallons. Overall the Honda XR650L is an unbeatable bike when it comes to value, usability and features.

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