Kawasaki KSR 110 Highlights

Theres no reason to judge everything by the size, because sometimes, it doesnt need a big body to deliver huge performance. Take a hint from the Kawasaki KSR 110 and see how it is done. The Kawasaki KSR 110 is a Mini Supersport Bike from Kawasaki. Small but aggressive, the KSR 110 is reliable in all types of road surface. Kawasaki KSR 110 had a uniqueness that is convenient for driving on urban streets laden with jams, look sporty design that can be seen from the front lights and back, also on the instrument panel speedometer. Every great ride begins somewhere, but with the KSR 110, you will get the feeling that you have been riding it your whole life.

Kawasaki KSR 110 Technical Details


Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, Single cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves
Bore & Stroke(mm) 53.0 mm x 50.6 mm
Displacement (cm³) 111 cm³
Compression Ratio 9.5 :1
Maximum power 5.8 kW {7.9 PS} @ 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque 8.1 N·m {0.82 kgf·m} @ 6,000 rpm
Fuel System Carburetor KEIHIN PB18
Starting Kick & electric starter
Ignition Battery and coil (transistorized)
Lubrication Forced lubrication (wet sump)


Suspension: Front Type Telescopic fork (upside-down)
Suspension: Front Type Swing arm
Frame: Type Tube backbone
Frame: Caster (rake) 26º
Overall length 1,670 mm
Overall width 705 mm
Overall height 995 mm
Wheelbase 1,165 mm
Ground clearance 225 mm
Curb mass 85 kg
Fuel capacity 7.3 liters
Seat height 750 mm

Kawasaki KSR 110 Review

Mini Super Sportsbike

Kawasaki KSR 110 features a dynamic off road style with cast aluminium wheels and a striking supermoto machine. This bike is agile on street riding and also delivers good performance when taken to the dirt road. With its powerful and high performing engine for anywhere adventure; you can surely have the fun you are craving for. All in one compact and stylish package! KSR 110 is a road-legal machine basically designed for children or younger riders who are still learning to ride a motorcycle. It is practically the best alternative to scooter because of its capabilities similar to standard motorcycle and dirt bike.

Cult & High Fun Factor

We brought KSR 110 on the road for 2 hours and took another 2 hours on the dirt road to see if it satisfies our riding expectations. The ergonomics of the bike were excellent in keeping us on the ideal position for easy control while on the solid road. The wide tires didnt give us difficulties while driving, the widely spaced grips made it easy for us to put steering power and its padded seat makes our 4 hours ride comfortable. Without any trouble, we dived onto the dirt road and the bike did well also. Its robust frame, front and rear over-sized suspensions aid us through potholes and bumps without any feeling of discomfort. We also went on a slippery dirt road, but we don’t see any difference because its standard tires are built to take all the pressure of off road rides. KSR 110 is relatively cheap without sacrificing the quality parts and features it offers. It’s the perfect choice of motorcycle for joy rides, city traffic, on and off the road experience.

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