Light up the streets with your KTM RC 200! Its lightweight body and heavy performance will surely fire up the spirit of any biker. Hop on the bike and go around busy streets or snaky roads using this bike and it will make you feel like every ride is a joyride. It’s hard to hide the excitement in riding this bike.

Keep the thrill going by maintaining your KTM RC 200 in tip top shape! We, at Speedzone can help you! We can help you maintain your bike’s great condition and if you are in need of repairs, we can also do it for you. We love building, repairing and maintaining bikes so we can provide great service at a good price. We offer drop-in rates and packages for our valued customers.

Forget your worries – just ride hard, ride safe, and have fun!

KTM RC 200 Servicing

KTM RC 200 Maintenance and Repair

General Engine servicing

Keep your motorbike in optimum condition. Our experienced team is equipped to expertly carry out nearly all your bike’s maintenance needs without putting a hole in your pocket.

KTM RC 200 Engine Servicing:

Overhaul | Tuning | Engine Oil & Oil Filter Change | Coolant Flushing and Conversion

Tyre servicing

The best bike deserves the best wheels! Either you want to change your tyres or you just want to get them serviced – including brakes, bearing, chain and sprockets – leave it all to us! Well take care of your wheels for the best ride!

KTM RC 200 Tyre Servicing:

Tyre change | Chain and Sprocket Change | Brake Disc Servicing | Wheel Shaft Cleaning

Available Add - ons (Bundle)
KTM Spark Plug Liquid Moly
Engine Care 3 in
1 (Engine Flush,
Bike Additive & Oil
Coolant Air Filter
Engine Oil Change (S$) Engine Oil & Oil Filter (S$) Bosch - VR5NE (S$) Liquid Moly Radiator
Flush + Motul Inugel
x 1 (S$)
Evans Coolant
Sprint Air
Motul Semi Synt Motul 3100
GOLD - 10W40 / 10W50
36 49






Motul Fully Synt Motul 7100 -
10W40 / 10W50
56 69
Motul Racing (Fully Synt) Motul 300V -
10W40 / 10W50
66 79
Liqui Moly Street Race (Fully Synt) Liqui Moly Street Race - 10W40 / 10W50 56 69
Available Add-ons
Braking Control

Tyre Change+ KTM Brake Pad
Brake Disc &Rust Removal, Cleaning $
Greasing Wheel Shaft (S$)
(F) Wheel Bearing +
Seal + Labour
(R) Wheel Bearing +
Seal +
Rear Hub Rubber Change (S$) Front Sprocket (S$) Rear Sprocket (S$) Chain (S$)
KTM KTM KTM KTM Strock RK KTM STOCK KTM Power Part RK (Non O-Ring) DID/RK Izumi
Brand Direction Tyre Model Tyre Change (S$) (Non ABS) 42T (6H) 42T (6H) 44T (6H)
Mitas Front 110/70ZR17 172 50 120 58








Mitas Front 120/70ZR17 174
Metzeler Front Sportec M7RR 110/70ZR17 185
Metzeler Front Sportec M7RR 120/70ZR17 225
Mitas Rear 150/60ZR17 198 109 84 15
Mitas Rear 160/60ZR17 204
Metzeler Rear Sportec M7RR 150/60ZR17 230
Metzeler Rear Sportec M7RR 160/60ZR17 240
Mitas Front & Rear 110/70ZR17/ 150/60ZR17 360 100 259 58 84

Mitas Front & Rear 120/70ZR17/ 150/60ZR17 362
Mitas Front & Rear 110/70ZR17/ 160/60ZR17 366
Mitas Front & Rear 120/70ZR17/ 160/60ZR17 368
Metzeler Front & Rear Sportec M7RR 110/70ZR17/ 150/60ZR17 405
Metzeler Front & Rear Sportec M7RR 110/70ZR17/ 160/60ZR17 415
Metzeler Front & Rear Sportec M7RR 120/70ZR17/ 150/60ZR17 445
Metzeler Front & Rear Sportec M7RR 120/70ZR17/ 160/60ZR17 455

The KTM RC 200 is a fine-looking Supersport bike. With its well-designed orange and black exterior, anyone would turn to look at it. Make it a show stopper! You can dress it up further by installing accessories. At Speedzone, we have a wide range of accessories for you to choose from. We have accessories from different brands available and we can also install it for you! We will surely provide great service because we are best at what we do. We can help you find the right accessories for your bike!

KTM RC 200 Inspection

Speedzone can also evaluate and send your KTM RC 200 for LTA inspection, so you can forget all the hassle! We provide inspection evaluation services compliant with the LTA requirements and help you make sure your motorbike is road-safe and road-legal.

Service packages may vary depending on supply and parts availability, as well as bike brand and model compatibility.

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