Suzuki DR 350 Highlights

Offering jam-packed adventure and off-road thrill, Suzuki DR 350 is built with pure satisfaction adhering to quality standards. Making it remarkable is the powerful 349 cm3 air-cooled engine and its durable off-road tires. This bike claimed a peak power output of 30bhp @ 7600rpm and a peak torque of 30Nm @ 6500rpm. Running through animal trails and terrains in the forest is very fine, thanks to its knobby tires. Latest version of DR350 is equipped with thinned forks oil and shock that aids for pleasant handling. It’s soft and improved suspension remain relaxed and smooth into corners. Front and rear single disc brakes are enough to supply ample stopping power while on action. The 6-speed gearbox has sharp proportions that works well on dirt bike adventures. The Suzuki DR 350 riders declared a surprising record, reaching 50,000 miles. Its adequate power capacity and easy to control features, made it the best choice of riders who want to explore dirt roads. For those who are looking for loud exhaust noise, choosing the late models of DR350 would be great but for those who wants to win on trail race pick the latest model.

Suzuki DR 350 Technical Details


Engine Type:Air Cooled, Four Strokes, Single Cylinder, SOHC, 4 Valves Per Cylinder
Bore And Stroke:3.1 x 2.8 in OR 79 mm
Compression Ratio:9.5:1
Horsepower:30 horsepower @ 7600 rpm
Torque:30 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Lubrication:Wet sump
Final Drive:V-belt Drive


Front Suspension:Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension:Link-type, Fully Adjustable Spring Preload, Compression And Rebound Damping
Front Brake:Single 250 Mm Disc
Rear Brake:Single 220 Mm Disc
Front Tire:80/100-21
Rear Tire:110/90-18
Ground Clearance:11.4 in OR 290 mm
Wheelbase:56.7 in OR 1440 mm
Seat Height:35 in OR 889 mm
Dry Weight:297.6 lbs OR 135 kg

Suzuki DR 350 Review

What we noticed after riding Suzuki DR 350?

By just merely looking at this motorcycle, it looks like simple, little and not so surprising but after giving it a ride – it seems we are all wrong. Its air-cooled, four-valve, single-cylinder engine and an equally steel engine frame. The suspension and excellent compression ratio makes riding smooth and stable. The engine produces only 30 hp @ 7600rpm, the results seems to be unacceptable. However, few tweaks on the bikes 6-speed made the ratios perfect, thanks to Suzuki’s best engineers. This means that there is usable one horse all the time. One good thing about DR350 is its engine capacity. There has never been a peppy machine that’s willing to unleash its optimum power and torque for ultimate off riding performance. It’s a combination of pleasure and excitement. Having low fuel tank capacity, the DR350 will require few gas stops so it’s better to ride in places with nearby fuel station. This bike is very user-friendly that even novice riders would have the encouraged to push their performance to the limit. The engine is reliable and lively giving the utmost power for extreme off road activities. The paint job is excellent and its tires absorb the pressure on the ground very well. After riding the motorcycle, we can’t remove that pretty wide smile on our faces. It has exceeded our expectations. From its smooth and willing engine to its long lasting chassis and forbearing suspension, everything is built with quality in mind.

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