Suzuki DRZ70 Highlights

Suzuki DRZ70 is an ideal entry level dirt bike for the little ones who are learning the basic of riding or growing their skills. Whether you want to expose your kids to the off-road adventure or wanting to give them an easy start, this bike is the perfect choice. It is suitable for children of age below 7 and requires parental supervision throughout the operation. Powered by 67cc air-cooled engine, the DRZ70 delivers outstanding and smooth performance with controllable power capacity enough to leave the other bike on its competition. It is reliable, easy to control and ultimately holds just the right amount of torque to make every second of the ride delightful. For added convenience, it features a push button electric starter and the alternative traditional kick starter. In order to fit on the rider’s ability, this bike offers adjustable throttle limited and brake lever. Front brake lever is adjustable to suit various rider hand size for enhanced control while the throttle limiter can be adjusted by the supervising adult to control engine output. This amazing adjustability proves that DRZ70 is a rider-friendly dirt bike for children. The 3-speed transmission is easy to use and allow beginners to learn the key shifting techniques while having an enjoyable ride. Suspension is designed to withstand even the toughest terrain and able to absorb bumps with great feel. It is lightweight but strong enough to carry wide range of riders under different riding conditions. Looking attractive with its aggressive motocross styling, Suzuki DRZ70 is available in Champion Yellow No. 2 with cool graphics.

Suzuki DRZ70 Technical Details


Engine Type:4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder, OHC
Bore x Stroke:48.0 mm x 37.0 mm
Compression Ratio:9.5 : 1
Fuel System:MIKUNI VM13, single carburetor
Starter:Electric starter with back-up primary kick
Ignition:Electronic ignition (CDI)
Lubrication:Wet sump
Transmission:3-speed constant mesh, automatic clutch
Final Drive:Chain, D.I.D. 428DS, 78 links


Front Suspension:Inverted telescopic, coil spring
Rear Suspension:Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Front Brakes:Drum brake
Rear Brakes:Drum brake
Front Tires:2.50-10 33J, tube type
Rear Tires:2.50-10 33J, tube type
Wheelbase:935 mm
Ground Clearance:135 mm
Seat Height:560 mm
Curb Weight:55 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity:3.0 L

Suzuki DRZ70 Review

What makes it a perfect dirt bike for kids?

Starting the small bike is a lot easier because of its push button electric starter accessible on the handlebars. Similar to other air-cooled motorcycles, it takes few minutes to heat up but as it becomes lively the real action begins. The automatic clutch is smooth and its adjustable option to limit the engine’s throttle are great features. Power delivery is smooth and enough for an enjoyable ride. Shifting gears on the 3-speed transmission requires significant effort, very young riders may not be able to move the lever easily. The best setup for the Suzuki DRZ70 is leaving the bike at second gear and adjust the throttle limited to ensure that ride is in control of the speed. The little screamer releases ample amount of torque to leave on the second gear with ease. Riding on the first gear is too slow to keep the bike stable and the higher revs makes it shaky when squeezing the throttle on and off. However if the bike is dressed up with training wheels, first gear would be the best way to ensure a moderate speed. The low seat height is surely appreciated by the small riders during stops with both feet planted on the road. The adjustable brake lever gives the rider to full control and easy activation of the brakes whenever needed. Overall, the Suzuki DRZ70 is a highly recommended starter bike for younger riders. Its features are all designed to bring convenience, comfort and safety to the little ones. So if you are thinking of the best dirt bike your kids will surely love and enjoy, choose the DRZ70!

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