Suzuki Extrigger Highlights

The Suzuki Extrigger “mini-electric bike” concept is fueled by the same 580 W AC synchronous motor used by Suzuki E-Let’s scooter. Suzuki didn’t reveal any of the bike’s technical details yet, however the 580 W AC synchronous motor is said to deliver an output of 2.3 hp and 11 ft-lb with only 20 mile range and 20 mph top speed. With these figures, Extrigger is assumed to be the top competitors on Honda Grom and Kawasaki KSR Pro. One of the most unique and compelling features of Suzuki Extrigger has mounted fore and aft light-emitting devices that transmit data using a visible light communication (VLC) technology to send information between riders in a group and other sources. It’s an innovative solutions that can be access using smartphone app allowing riders to communicate freely with one another when taking a different route even reaching a motorcycle shop nearby within 1.2 miles coverage. The look and feel sturdy because it was built on an aluminum-trellis frame and is made to suit the upside-down fork and wavy disc brakes. Extrigger is incredibly light and small looking closely similar to Grom having 720mm seat height, 960mm wheelbase and weighs 62kg. This small but terrible motorcycle is perfect for entry level riders looking for cost-effective yet cheerful bikes.

Suzuki Extrigger Technical Details


Motor: 580 W AC Synchronous
Power Output: 2.3 hp
Torque Output: 11 ft-lb
Mile Range: 20 miles
Top Speed: 20 mph


Suspension: Upside-down fork
Brakes: Wavy disc brakes
Seat Height: 720 mm
Wheelbase: 960 mm
Weight: 62 kg

Suzuki Extrigger Review

Built with Innovation.

By combining technology and innovation, Extrigger integrates visible light communication (VLC) adopting the technology originally developed by Casio. How does it works? Notice a circular light above its headlight and in the middle of its taillight displaying different colors as an indication of its wireless data transmission. With the use of a smartphone app capable of reading the flashing lights data can be translated and understood very well. The VLC is able to transmit signals at 10 Mbits Ethernet-level speed covering a distance of 1.2 miles which means the rider can even receive information from a nearby motorcycle shop as long as it’s within the covered distance.

Compared to Honda Grom.

Honda Grom is a bit more powerful than Suzuki Extrigger which claims a max power of 9.7 hp @ 7000 rpm. However, the Extrigger is lighter with 137 pounds compared to the heavy claimed Grom with 225 pounds curb weight. The Suzuki E-Let’s sporty drive train which is carried by Extrigger claims higher torque than the Grom which releases 8.0 ft-lb. @ 5500 rpm. Since it’s an electric motorcycle, the Extrigger can responsively deliver max torque at the first blast of throttle. The Extrigger rides aggressively and comfortably allowing novice riders to enjoy their first road experience with confidence.

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