Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc

An ideal scooter to navigate around town comfortably with ample storage capacity is none other than Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc. In the heart of Cygnus is a 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine able to release 8.2 HP at 7500 rpm power output. Its also pretty torquey with capacity of 0.85 kgf-m at 6000 rpm. Planning to go on weekend shopping or everyday ride-to-school routine, this bike is the perfect road machine. Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc is lightweight, compact and agile – all thanks to its decent chassis. Its 199cc engine is responsive allowing you bypass city traffic with ease, latest models substantially reduces maintenance and weight of the scooter. Fuel capacity is is 7.3 liters, ample enough for city commuting. It’s no secret that every vehicle is prone to theft so Yamaha made this scooter equipped with a security system that locks the steering rudder and central hostel. Also key for actuating a cover that prevents the entry of any other key. Applied to this bikes is Yamaha’s versatile technology with zero vibration that gives superior comfort to the rider. Scooters are known to relaxed rides and the Cygnus is no exception. Its seat is located at fair height, has spacious decks designed to reassure the ladies and with ample legroom for graceful movements. Underneath is a huge compartment with a carrying capacity of 5 kg that can suit a grocery bag, full size helmet of a school bag.

An ideal scooter to navigate around town comfortably with ample storage capacity is none other than Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc. In the heart of Cygnus is a 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine able to release 8.2 HP at 7500 rpm power output.

Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc: Economical yet practical

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Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc Technical Details


Design 4-stroke, cooled by forced air, SOHC, single-cylinder
Displacement 125 cc
Bore 51.5 mm
Stroke 60 mm
Performance 8.2 HP at 7500 rpm
Starting Aid Electric starter, pedal starter
Transmission Automatic
Engine Lubrication Wet sump
Primary Gear Ratio
Secondary Gear Ratio
Cooling System
Ignition System DC-CDI
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Final Drive


Shock Absorber
Suspension Travel Front Telescopic forks
Suspension Travel Rear Cantilever with double buffer
Brake System Front Hydraulic single disc
Brake System Rear Drum
Brake Discs - Diameter Front 100 / 90-10 56S
Brake Discs - Diameter Rear 3.50 / 10 / 51J
Steering Head Angle
Wheel Base 1,250 mm
Ground Clearance (Unloaded) 99 mm Minimum
Seat Height (Unloaded) 760 mm
Total Fuel Tank Capacity Approx. 7.3 litres
Weight Without Fuel Approx. 111 kg

Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc review

We went to test the Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc with reviews in mind.

The Cygnus Z 125 rides well along with four wheel vehicles in the highway. It feels smooth on straightaways and requires maneuvering on corners. For a 125cc displacement scooter, it surprisingly did great though it cannot support ride tours because its engine might give up. Nevertheless the engine is peppy, responsive and remains on its tip-top shape at 105kph. Stopping power was superb, front and rear brakes are able to withstand hard stops. Riding position is pleasant however it could be difficult for taller riders particularly 5’10” but may suit most heights. There is ample fuel capacity which may be well-used on city rides.

Its an excellent commuter showing rapid performance on wide roads. Squeezing out from the traffic is easy with its light body and agile handling. When you are looking for a ride along town or ride-to-work scooter, we recommend Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc. Commuting doesn’t needs to be expensive and high-power capacity what’s important is the usability and comfort it offers. This scooter rides well on bumpy roads too, it has forgiving suspension and good ergonomics. There is a narrow seat which can accommodate two riders at the same time, thanks to its rigid body that handles all the weight.

Overall, the scooter is something we want to own. It is rider-friendly, handy acceleration, economical and offers unparalleled comfortability. The Cygnus deliver solid strength and reliability, its could be your choice of commuter too

Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc for sale

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Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc servicing

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Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc accessories

Even though the Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc looks great as it comes, you know you want to tweak the overall look just a little. Step in Speedzone Supply accessories: Check out our collection of accessories for your Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc from brands like Bikers, Protaper and Delta. Favourite accessories include – fuel cap, fairing guard set, rear set, sprocket cover, engine cover, handlebar, grips, breaks, clutch to name a few. Come dress up your bike with the wide variety of Yamaha Cygnus Z 125cc accessories we have in store and we can also help you install them.

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