Yamaha DT 200 WR Highlights

Within several years, most dirt bike enthusiasts are looking for a versatile, mid-level enduro, trail bikes. There are wide range of motorcycles but Yamaha DT 200 WR rise above all. Engineers developed this bike from the concept of dirt bike and street motorcycle. It was occasionally used for amateur enduro competitions because of its power, aggressiveness and ride ability. At first sight, the DT-WR does is not much impressive because it seems uncertain between two heritage: An air of DTR lightened the WR sauce and colors of a foolproof simplicity in the spirit of the enduro range. But if the plastic parts are stressed, once in the saddle, the fun takes its own. The DT200WR 200cc taken from the engine still entitled to special treatment: an astonishing bore increased by 0.8 mm, displacement from 195cc to the 199cc, a Single Mikuni TM28SS induction system and a slightly reworked valve-saving power and torque. The engine is already peppy, well-tuned and responsive that’s why it is expected to bring delight. Yamaha DT 200 WR shows stability on tough terrains and accurate controls. Moreover, this bike is equipped with more hefty suspensions, stronger brakes and comfortable seat for long travel. It shows more consistency and dependability, making it the top choice for amateur riders who want to explore the World of enduro.

Yamaha DT 200 WR Technical Details


Engine Type:liquid-cooled, two stroke, single cylinder
Bore And Stroke:66mm X 57mm
Compression Ratio:6.4:1
Power:[email protected]
Torque:23.5 N-m (17.4 lb-ft)@7500 rpm
Induction:Single Mikuni TM28SS
Starter:Primary Kick
Final Drive:Chain


Front Suspension:Telescopic front fork; air adjustable; 272mm travel
Rear Suspension:single shock swingarm;adjustable preload and compression dampening, 272mm travel
Front Brake:Single disc
Rear Brake:Single disc
Front Tire:3.00-21
Rear Tire:120/90-18
Ground Clearance:315 mm (12.4 inches)
Dry Weight:108 kg (238 lbs)
Fuel Capacity:10 L ( 2.2 imperial gallons; 2.75 US gallons)

Yamaha DT 200 WR Review

We are off today to test an amateur level enduro bike: Yamaha DT 200 WR. Starting the engine, it comes to life quickly. The seat height is suited for most riders whether beginner or experienced, handlebars and footpegs are well-positioned. The padded seat gave us comfort while tackling off-road adventure. On the off-road track, the bike delivers optimal performance, its beefy suspension soaked all the bumps with ease. Cornering and passing through man made hurdles is not a problem. Also it is easy to shift from one direction to another thanks to its enduro inspired clutch and fine-tuned forks. On a muddy trail, the rigid frame and fenders helped us go through without getting stuck on the soil. The bike is surprisingly strong and controllable, perfect for those who are looking for action-packed weekend. Ample braking power is supplied by front and rear disc brakes, its enough so we dont complain on them at all. The tires are study, from bumpy man-made track to mountain trails, still they remain fine. We believe those are made exactly for off-road use. Tackling tarmac and unpaved road is not a problem, the bike gave good feeling. Yamaha DT 200 WR is a dual-purpose bike but we just love it more on the dirt. However this doesn’t mean its not good on street rides and commuting.

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